Supporting Equine Health With Electromagnetic Therapy

Introducing Hofmag K8, The latest technology in Equine PEMF treatment.


Double Olympic winner, Jessica Von Bredow Wernd and her brother, Benjamin Von Bredow Wernd, are among the most successful dressage riders in Germany and the world. They have trusted Hofmeir’s patented technology for many years to help with the regeneration and well-being of their horses.⁠ 

Listen to Jessica and Benjamin’s customer testimonial to hear how they gain a competitive performance advantage whilst caring for the happiness and wellness of their horses. 

How it works

Using short, high intensity pulsed magnetic waves, PEMF is known to assist with injured tissues and stimulate natural self-healing mechanisms at a cellular level. Research has shown that PEMF improves blood flow and muscle oxygenation, helps prevent injury and speeds up recovery, leading to an all-important optimisation in performance.

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Conditions Treated

The Hofmag PEMF device is a must-have in any stable. Simple to use even on difficult to reach areas and easy to transport, it can be used to for common performance limiting injuries and conditions.

Energy Therapy
Muscle pain and fatigue
Muscle stimulation
Bone healing


Double-blind medical studies have documented the neurological, physiological and psychological positive effects of PEMF. View research and studies here.

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